Jun 11 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




On the Menu

On the Menu: Building & Supporting a Neurodiverse Workforce

The neurodiverse community is an untapped talent pool that can improve workplace culture. In this session you will hear from Anthony Pacilio, Vice President, Neurodiverse Solutions at CAI, to learn about his journey as a neurodivergent professional and how to effectively integrate and support neurodiversity in the workplace.

In an effort to keep this event accessible, we will be offering a hybrid experience for participants. When checking out, be mindful to select between an “In-Person Ticket” and a “Zoom Ticket.” For those not located in NC, we welcome you to join us over zoom.

Zoom Link:

Game Plan

11:30 a.m. | Virtual | Doors to the waiting room open

11:30 a.m. | In-Person | Registration opens & lunch is available

12:00 p.m. | Event begins

1:00 p.m. | Go on back to work!

Our Session Leader

Anthony Pacilio, Vice President, Neurodiverse Solutions at CAI

Anthony Pacilio, is recognized domestically and internationally, as an expert in neurodiverse employment and currently serves as Vice President, Neurodiverse Solutions at CAI. Pacilio specializes in advancing neurodiversity programs and leads the global expansion efforts of CAI Neurodiverse Solutions.

What’s On The Menu?

At Frontier RTP, we are constantly growing, and hope you will come along for the ride! We developed On the Menu as a way of helping you and your business grow to the next level, whatever that next level may be.

Each month, we offer a lunchtime workshop on a special topic related to small businesses or startups. On the Menu is taught by a diverse group of experts from around the Triangle (some of whom started their business here at Frontier RTP!) in a small group setting.

Our hope is that these workshops will not only be rich in content, but spark dialogue, start relationships, and make your lunch break meaningful. Did we mention there will be food? For those joining us in-person, there will be a free lunch available. If you are joining us virtually, we invite you to bring your lunch to the Zoom. No shame in eating with your camera on!

We want you to easily access our events and webinars. Please reach out to us with accommodation requests at and we’ll do our best to facilitate.

Note: By registering and participating in this event, you consent to the recording of your likeness, image, and/or voice and authorize Frontier RTP to use photographs, video, and audio recordings containing your likeness, image, and/or voice in any medium for any purpose.



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