Jul 25 2024


11:30 am - 1:00 pm





Lunch, Learn & Stroll with Artist Monique Luck

Seeds of Growth, by Monique Luck, is a series of six roadway murals along Park Offices Drive through Frontier RTP. Join us on June 29th for a complimentary lunch to meet the artist, experience her artistic process through a hands-on collage exercise, and close with a stroll around the campus to view her work. This will be a packed hour, so be sure to arrive on time ready to jump in!

During this session, we will explore the concept of Unfolding Possibilities with a mini-collage workshop. The workshop will start with an introduction to the theme by Monique and a demonstration of the collage-making process she used to design Seeds of Growth. Each participant will be given magazines, scissors, glue, and other materials to create a group collage. Participants will be able to express themselves creatively by choosing images and words that resonate with them. As they work on the collage, participants can share their ideas and experiences with each other, providing inspiration and support and discuss each person’s unique perspective on unfolding possibilities.

About the Artist

Monique Luck is an award-winning international artist and muralist. She has exhibited her work frequently at galleries and museums across the US including: The African American Museum of Dallas, The South Carolina State Museum, and the Heinz History Center Museum in Pittsburgh. She was chosen to receive one of the emerging artist scholarships for the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was also honored to be chosen as one of the 25 honorees of the Woman and Girls Foundation’s celebration of Women in the Material World at the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh. Monique’s work as a public muralist with the Sprout Fund is featured in the PBS Documentary, “It’s the Neighborhoods.” She was also awarded a grant from the Multi Cultural Arts Initiative in Pittsburgh to create a permanent mural Installation in honor of August Wilson. Learn more about her work here.

About the Art

In Monique’s own words: “Colors flow brightly in energizing and whimsical shapes incorporating a seeds of growth theme. The artwork is inspired from the idea of seeds of local flora germinating and growing expanding. The concept reflects the innovative, nurturing, and inspiring location that allows start-ups and creative ideas to germinate and grow and thrive freely in the Research Triangle Park. The artwork captures the forward momentum and continued growth of the collaborative business environment now and into the future with endless possibilities.”

Note: After lunch & the collage exercise, we will take a guided stroll with Monique Luck to view two parts of her installation on the Frontier Campus. While this will be a short, relatively flat distance, we still suggest wearing comfortable footwear. We understand that participants may have varying abilities, so please reach out to us at if any accommodations need to be made to better your experience at this event.