On the Menu: 5 Stories Every Brand Must Tell
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Alexus Rhone, a writer, producer and artistic theologian shared her life experiences to illustrate how she builds and tells her brand story at our On the Menu event in January. Apply her step-by-step process to tell your unique story. Answer the questions below and you’ll have an elevator pitch, “about” blurb or business description to share and use to describe your brand.

“Genesis” story
What sparked your passion that led you to start your business? This may even be something that happened to you years before.

“Exodus” story

What was the catalyst that caused you to exit the ‘safety zone’ and launch your dream? This prompt centers on the moment when you knew that you just had to take action.

“Desert Wanderer” story

What was the first (or most dramatic) situation where things didn’t go the way you planned? Consider a challenge you resolved that led to a positive shift or outcome for you or a client of yours.

“Prophetic Hope” story

Who was the person (or people) that reminded you of what was possible and encouraged you to stay the course? We all need champions and cheerleaders for feedback and reassurance.

“Pinnacle Peak” story

Describe a time when you created a plan, were tempted to settle for ‘the grand view,’ but chose to press forward to reach the ‘pinnacle peak.’ What do you do to ensure that your projects are the best they can be?

Once you write out what each story means for your brand, share it with potential clients, customers and followers. Allow your integrity and authentic voice to lead the way and your story will be a powerful, memorable and relatable way to gain attention for your business.

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