On the Menu: Productivity Sponsored by Alta Davis
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Every year at this time, many of us are talking about new year resolutions, but would we think about things differently if we used the term “new year decisions” instead? We make decisions all the time—we decide what to wear, which route to take to a destination and what to say or do. If we can shift our mindset from resolutions to decisions, then we are one step closer to being consistent with our goals. This is exactly what work/life coach Lori Bruhns wants us to do starting in 2022.

Here’s some of Lori’s favorite productivity tips:

  • Know your “why”: When you are aware of the reason why you want to do something, it helps you feel motivated to get the task done and allows you to easily say no to things that don’t serve a purpose in your life.

Take a minute to stop and examine some of the things you did today. Was being present at that place or saying yes to that thing supporting your why? If not, you may need to reprioritize where you spend your time.

  • Know how long tasks take: This will help you schedule out your time better and not overpromise to yourself.

The next time you send out an email, try timing yourself to see how long it takes to write it. This is not to encourage hastiness but to bring awareness. Once you do this, you can plan out your day more accurately, leaving enough time for each task.  

  • Forget work/life balance: The idea that we can balance our personal and work life is unrealistic. Lori encourages us to use the term “work/life ebb and flow” instead. This ebb and flow mindset allows us to see our life like the tide at the beach. If the tide is in and you feel like the water is up to your neck, then try pulling back on the number of tasks you are prioritizing. During this time, you should focus on the tasks you have to get done and say no to things that are not necessary. When the tide is out and you have room to breathe, this is when you can say yes to tasks that require a greater time investment and creative thinking.

Is the tide in or out for you right now? How are you adjusting your tasks based on the tide?

Remember that you must give yourself permission to pause when necessary. In American culture, we’ve heard or seen the phrase “keep grinding, don’t stop,” but that’s not sustainable. When you grind something down for too long, you will be left with nothing. We hope that these tips empower you to be more productive and realistic about expectations for yourself in the coming year.

Thank you to our On the Menu session leader, Lori Bruhns for sharing these productivity tips. We’d also like to thank Alta Davis for sponsoring our On the Menu program.