Pay It Forward RTP180 November 18th 2021
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At #RTP180 this month, we invited 5 leaders from Triangle-based nonprofits to share how they pay it forward. For easy reference, we have some notes to share about each organization:

we are

When it comes to talking about race with children, parents don’t always know what to say and we are finds traction in this space. They work to help parents navigate these uncomfortable conversations through workshops and other educational events.

The organization’s name is an acronym for “working to extend anti-racist education.” It is their goal to provide training for children, families and educators to reach their overall goal of disrupting structural racism.

Stop Soldier Suicide

The military suicide rate is 50 percent higher than the national average and Stop Soldier Suicide is leading the fight to change this reality. They use enhanced data insights, focused client acquisition and best-in-class suicide intervention services to help soldiers through dark times.

El Futuro

While there are many places in the triangle that offer mental health services, not all of them provide bilingual and culturally responsive services. El Futuro is an outpatient clinic that fills that gap: They provide Latino families with clinic-based services in a way that is accessible and affordable.

Durham Literacy Center

Since 1985, the Durham Literacy Center has provided free instruction and tutoring to over 18,000 adults and out-of-school youth. Each year, the DLC helps more than 500 adults and teens take great strides toward reaching their full potential.

United Way of the Greater Triangle

When you give to the United Way of the Greater Triangle, your donation can be distributed across all the organizations they support. They aim to amplify the voices of nonprofit leaders of color and women and prepare the broader community for these leaders’ continued success.

We hope that you are as inspired by these organizations as we are. Be sure to check them out and support them if you are able.

Thank you, RTI International, for supporting the #RTP180 series. We’ll be taking a break in December, but check our schedule for more information about the first #RTP180 of 2022 about real estate, on Thursday, January 21!