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The October #RTP180 followed the spooky theme of cybersecurity since it was in the same month as Halloween. Experts from organizations within the Triangle Region came out to speak on this topic. Our list of speakers included Chris Beal from MCNC, Mark Ference with IEM, Erkang Zheng from JupiterOne, Rob Main with NCDIT and Paul Bender from Connect Cause.

According to the pros, here’s what we should be doing:

Install all security updates

The notifications can be quite annoying; however, these are important to install because phishers are constantly trying to find ways into security systems. By staying up to date on the latest protection programs, you are one step closer to cybersecurity wellness.

Opt-in to multi-factor authentication

This extra level of protection will ensure that you are the only person accessing your accounts.

Participate in security training

Some companies will offer employees security training when they are onboarded and at the beginning of a new fiscal year. Check with your employer to see if this is available to you or seek out articles and advice to keep up with best practices.

Overall, proactive measures are key! Think of cybersecurity wellness as you do your personal health; if we practice good hygiene and wellness, we stay healthy. Applying all of the above on a regular basis will decrease the likelihood of a cyber incident at your organization. Of course, there is always more that you can do, but the tactics on this list offer an effective approach to start with.

Thank you RTI International for sponsoring this program!