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Danae A. Edmonds came out to Frontier RTP for our September On the Menu event. She gave business owners the run down on why content creation is important for expressing our brands and shared tips for getting started.

Danae began by getting all of us on the same page about who a content creator is. They are anyone who contributes to media with information. These contributions can be to any media, but especially digital media; such as blogs, videos, social media copy, eBooks, podcasts and more. You may be thinking: why do I need to create content?

Content creation allows a brand to have a voice and identity, which allows the intended audience to feel connected to the company. Not only does it help build audience rapport, it can also increase traffic to your website by aiding in search engine optimization. The phrases and key words used in blog titles, social media messaging, etc. can be the reason someone finds your website. Let’s say your business offers photography services and training. If someone searches the internet for “photography training” then one of your blog posts, “Photography Tips: Getting Started,” might pop up in the search results. From that simple search, a potential customer has now been introduced to your brand.

We also heard about abolishing the idea that there is already someone doing the thing you want to do. For example, you may think that there’s already plenty of YouTubers out there but none of those Youtubers are you. Your perspective is unique and there is no other person who will have the same experiences and background that you can share. It is also important to realize that that your content is never going to be perfect but don’t let that hold you back from getting started. But, where do you start?

Danae explained that your individual vision is the guiding light for your work and your ideas are vehicles to draw your audience in. So, start with defining your vision and from there, add on ideas to support that vision. Danae gave the example of her business, Aspiring Co., where she strives to inspire women, non-binary folx and people who have been historically underrepresented to follow their dreams. Her brand-centric content includes blog interviews with people of interest, a podcast on topics important to her audience members and apparel with uplifting designs.

Overall, Danae suggests that you start small so that you can be consistent with the content you put out. We encourage you to take a leap of faith and do that thing (the idea that just popped into your head right now) that you’ve been wanting to do. We’re all rooting for you!

The full video of Danae’s talk is viewable on our YouTube channel. Thank you to Alta Wren for sponsoring this edition of On the Menu. We will be back on October 5th to enjoy lunch together and learn about effective communication. Grab your ticket now!