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It’s no secret that our region is a hub for entrepreneurs and small businesses! In May we invited six speakers from the Triangle to highlight potent practices within our small-business ecosystem, ranging from innovation to entrepreneurship, the aspiring class and beyond.

Kicking off the show was Bridget Harrington from Innovate Raleigh who talked about fostering innovation. Bridget and her organization seeks out inspiring stories within the business community. She suggested that by investing time or funding each of us may find a way to encourage innovation in the Triangle. Watch the video to learn more about supporting innovators.

Kelly Rowell from the Council for Entrepreneurial Development described the Triangle’s entrepreneurial landscape. There are three primary areas of support for entrepreneurs: education, capital and resources. Watch the video to hear what Kelly had to say about the variety of CED partners contributing to the success of small businesses and start-ups in our area. 

Next up, Justin Minott from Provident1898 likened the business ecosystem to a living organism and how it relates to community building. Justin shared the background of Provident1898, a coworking community in Durham that centers the Black experience to “make space for people that feel like they don’t always have a space.” Watch Justin’s segment about building a comprehensive community.

Brett Brenton from Forward Cities introduced us to the “aspiring class.” As Brett says, “The aspiring class is this group that isn’t content with their role in the world and they aspire to do more.” This group typically has a sense of optimism and determination to seek connection and share ideas. We may advocate for this cohort through mentorship, supporting Black Dollar NC and more. Watch the video to hear more about the aspiring class.

Amy Bastian from NC Idea, talked about making connections. She described how many newly-opened businesses don’t receive the attention they deserve and offered tips on how to support them. Watch Amy’s talk for more ways to help new business owners succeed.

Our final speaker, Krista Covey, from First Flight Venture Center, taught us a new phrase: Triangle topophilia. Topophilia is defined as the love of place and Covey suggests that we can leverage our Triangle topophilia as added support for the places where we live and work. Watch  Krista’s entire talk, here. Ready for more RTP180? The recap of June’s Ecology-themed event is here and don’t forget to register for our next RTP180 event on July 15 for a discussion about Artificial Intelligence!