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Relationships are constantly growing and changing throughout our lives. From the enneagram to love languages, there are many tools and techniques that help us connect to others. For our October RTP180, we had five incredible women join us to talk about relationships with ourselves, strangers, coworkers, partners and more, to help us build up some tools even further. Read on to learn a bit more about what was covered.

Our first speaker of the night was Margaret A. Brunson, founder and ceo of Illumined Leadership Solutions. She asked us a very important question. “How’s your love life?” When she had been asked this question before, she realized that it also related back to herself. Because as Margaret says, “while I was without romantic partnership, my love life was not void.” Asking ourselves this question can help us grow and learn new things to “lead us to the love life we deserve and need.” In turn, we’re able to be good to others just as much as ourselves. Check out the video here for a recap on how to cultivate love for yourself.

Then, Dr. Jessica Jameson, the department head of communication at North Carolina State University, discussed workplace relationships. According to Dr. Jameson, “We spend more time with our coworkers than we do our families” and because of this, we need to “actively create the kind of workplace we want to be in.” To help maintain positive work relationships, she created an acronym LEARN – Listen, Engage, Acknowledge, Rapport, Nurture. Find out the in-depth details of the acronym in the recap video here.

To give us a perspective on relationships with strangers through social media, we brought in Linda Nguyen, owner/blogger at Girl Eats World! Linda reminded us that everyone is looking to make friends, they just need the courage to be seen and to dare to be vulnerable. She has been able to achieve success with her blog by expressing interest in people. Check out her talk here to learn more about how you can put yourself out there.

To give us an astrological perspective on relationships, we brought in Nancy Fantozzi, founder and director at Saturn Speaks. We’ve all heard about Mercury Retrograde, sometimes in negative contexts or as something to fear. However, Nancy shared another viewpoint. “The planet Mercury represents the human function of communication. When it turns retrograde we’re asked to turn inward and look at how we’re receiving information.” Find out more about what we can learn from Mercury Retrograde in her chat here.

Last but not least, Dialogue Inc. Founder, Marilyn Shannon gave us insight on the relationships of twins. Marilyn discussed the powerful connection between twins that goes unseen. As Marilyn says, “twins are our lesson in understanding how we can each get along with each other.” Twins often strive to be opposites but are still connected at the end of the day. Check out her talk here to find out about some of the twin studies she has done.
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