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On the Menu is our monthly speaker series dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs that are looking to learn something new and move to their next level, whatever that next level may be! Jim Morgan, Founder of Full Stack Scrum, led this month’s session and focused on agile tactics and structures to streamline the business. Agile practices are methods used to encourage frequent inspection and communication of a project or goal.

Jim made it clear that startups who focus on strong internal agile processes and structures were more likely to find success. He defined agile structures as the science of teamwork, and suggested focusing on team management and the distribution of tasks. By making your staff the facilitators of each other, rather than having one “scrum master,” they can create better communication. That improved communication can help fill holes in your business, including staffing solutions, product creation, customer reach and financial management.  

Jim also suggested creating a culture of open participation. Instead of having status meetings, focus on open dialogue amongst the whole team, goals can be discussed and completed more efficiently. For example, having a short daily meeting that focuses on short-term team deliverables for the next 24 hours is a good way to gauge progress and provide feedback.

Jim walked us through what entrepreneurs can do to complete their short and long term goals. Pro tip: Check out Jim’s website to learn more about agile processes for entrepreneurs and utilize his *free* resource library.