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Last week we kicked off our 2020 On the Menu season with a session on Scrappy Marketing, led by Christina Noel, the Marketing & Strategy Consultant and CEO of Noel & Co. One thing to know about Christina is that she is passionate about helping grow Benefit Corporations, or B Corps, and a strong entrepreneurial community in the Triangle.

Christina believes that developing clarity, community and testing techniques on how to engage customers will help any business grow.  Companies need to ask themselves some real questions:

  1. Can you capture your unique niche?
  2. How can you collaborate with the people you serve, and how can you bring those people together?
  3. How can you become reputable and unique?
  4. What will you be remembered for?

Growth can be measured by memorable experiences. Christina’s one-hour presentation was memorable to me and is a good example of an effort to engage customers by creating a lasting impression.

Most memorable moment: Christina put on a sparkly silver jacket and spoke about how to be unique!

Most Memorable statement: “Free food & booze can change the world!”

Most Memorable take away: Scrappy marketing is a combination of working efficiently for your business and always putting personal touches into it.

Learn more about the work that Christina does here and here.

Please join us next month at Frontier RTP for On The Menu: The Surprising Power of Questions, hosted by Brian Alvo, founder and facilitator of NextGen. Brian will be teaching us how utilize questions to improve everyday interactions and the way you interact with your colleagues and customers.