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If you regularly read our blog or talk to our staff at The Frontier, you’ll already know that we are big fans of The Medical Innovators Collaborative (MEDIC). Last year, the group won a Catalysts for Innovation Award. Since then, they have been working out of The Frontier and throughout the Triangle community on many interesting projects

While working on those projects this year, they also found time to become a 501(c)(3) and are now kicking off their first big fundraising campaign. Aside from the funding they receive through grants from The Research Triangle Foundation and the Lineberger Cancer Center, they are hoping to raise $50,000. This will enable the group to continue working with local students and faculty from the three founding RTP universities–Duke, NC State, and UNC–and local companies to develop new life-saving devices in the medical technology industry.

To learn more about their work and how you can support this organization, read their full press release here or visit their website.