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With more than 250 companies located within RTP’s 7,000 acres, our organization is constantly imagining new programs and initiatives aimed at helping the area succeed. Not only are people working differently today than they were 20 years ago, but the tools and training needed to succeed are rapidly evolving. In an effort to support our companies and their current and future employees, we’ve partnered with Inspiring Capital on a new series of events focused on the future of talent. 

Based out of NYC, Inspiring Capital chose to expand their operations to the Triangle Region of North Carolina due to the high level of corporate activity and the close proximity to university talent. The first held at The Frontier focused on how to eliminate gender bias in the workplace, especially in regard to women reentering the workforce after taking the time to be a primary caregiver. The results of the two-part series can be seen in their whitepaper, Tutus & Trucks: Addressing Unconscious Bias and Perceived Risk to Retain and Engage Mid-Career Women. This kind of talent gap is one that can be addressed when employers and employees consider the kinds of skills that can quickly be learned by professionals that have been out of the traditional work place. 

Their next event at The Frontier will focus on millennials and how best to engage them. This often maligned and misunderstood generation is getting older and will soon be leaders. How can current executives work with this up and coming group to ensure their career trajectories are successful? Be sure to register for this event if you’re interested in attending

Inspiring Capital will be hosting the rest of their Future of Talent events throughout the summer at The Frontier. Be sure to take note and sign up for any that pique your interest.