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The first Raleigh-Durham Women in Tech Summit is happening October 1st at The Frontier in RTP! Want to attend? Register using the code RTPNC20 and you’ll get $20 off the ticket price!

It has always amazed me the power that a group of women can have over one another. We learn from a young age that a group has the power to tear us down, like when the girls in the middle school lunch room reject us from sitting with them. While seemingly insignificant, this can have a huge impact on the way we look at female society. On the flip side, we are [hopefully] at some point exposed to the collective power that women can have to better ourselves and our community. And so we can choose to use our awesomeness to help or hurt one another. 

This fall, The Frontier will host the North Carolina Women in Tech Summit, where all proceeds will benefit the local Tech Girlz chapter. WITS was created in Philadelphia as a convening event for women in the technology sector to come together to inspire, educate, and connect with one another. As the idea has grown, the summit has expanded into new territories such as the Baltimore and now RTP

The summit will include a wide variety of technology industries, women from different backgrounds, and an array of topics relevant to women in tech (including “Growth Hacking to Build Community”, “Staying a Woman in Tech”, and “Women in Entrepreneurship”).


While there is a multitude of amazingly talented women presenting, there are three that I am particularly excited to meet:

Tracey Welson-Rossman is the founder of Tech Girlz and has an extensive resume of experience in technology and entrepreneurship. She has a heart for helping young girls understand and embrace the power of technology for their future careers. I am looking forward to hearing how she addresses the gender disparity with young girls, and better understanding how we can encourage them.

Gloria Bell is the founder of the original Women in Tech Summit. She is passionate about increasing the number of women in the technology industry. She believes that “the best thing you can do for your career, no matter what level you are at, is to have a diverse network of other women working in the industry doing a lot of different things at a lot of different levels.” I couldn’t agree more, and I look forward to hearing her thoughts on other women’s issues.

Deirdre Clarke is the Director of Product at Bandwidth and founder of Triangle Tech Girlz (the local TG chapter). She loves introducing young girls to new areas of technology and showing them career possibilities. She has worked in the technology sector for 20 years and has a lot of wisdom to pass along. Deirdre recently spoke at RTP180: Women in Tech – check it out

And so, women of the Triangle, let’s make a vow. Let’s vow to burst through the glass ceiling and keep right on going. Let’s vow to find a way to encourage each other and help each other rather than fighting each other for limited resources. Let’s join forces to break down the barriers to women in tech. After all, as a community, we know we’re stronger together.

We’ve put together a collaborative playlist inspired by WITSNC. Please add your favorite female empowerment anthems and help us curate our ultimate playlist!