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In our third installment of RTP’s series on The Farmery, we take you inside the cropbox, where many of the plants and herbs are grown that go into items for customers. Without a doubt, The cropbox is what makes The Farmery such a unique concept. If you’ve been to The Frontier, you’ve probably seen the shiny Airstream, but have you ever wondered about the thing next to it? (You know, the hulking box with all the plants growing on the outside?)

This box is actually a shipping container that has been transformed into a sort of green house. Inside, there are intricate hydroponic and aquaponic food growing systems. These systems allow a variety of produce to be grown inside the box, and harvested fresh each day.

For patrons of The Farmery, this is a direct benefit. Not only is the food fresher, but there is zero cost associated with transportation. This also makes the food more sustainable, since less fossil fuels are being used to take the food from farm to consumer. 

So, what’s the moral of this story? Eat at The Farmery, save the world. Seems simple enough!

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