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Since locating at The Frontier in December 2015, Bunker Labs RDU has successfully completed their first cohort of local, veteran entrepreneurs. Eight area companies – ranging from wineries to morning talk shows – have been using The Frontier in RTP as a space for building community and honing their business skills. While all of these companies are very different, they do all have one thing in common – the person with a great idea is a military veteran.

When you look at the stats, Bunker Labs fits in perfecting here in the Triangle. Over 769,000 veterans live in North Carolina, making the state the ripe with entrepreneurial opportunity. With most veterans having honed leadership skills and quick thinking while in the service, the Bunker Labs program works on the nitty gritty skills needed to operate a business: scaling, business law and networking. It’s through targeted programs in strategic geographic locations that the national Bunker program aims to be successful – not only in the Triangle, but in the other outposts across the country.

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