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EntreDot was a very early adopter to The Frontier. So early, in fact, that they were the first! The company actually moved into the space before it was even a construction zone.

As an organization, EntreDot assists budding entrepreneurs in getting their business off the ground through their Six Steps to Success program. When they’re not working to assist others, they host Meetup groups and other informational events at The Frontier. Utilizing Home Base and The Classroom, EntreDot takes full advantage of the community provided by the space.

They’ve also become good neighbors by way of collaboration. Through a partnership with Oak City Tech, they have launched a monthly event focused on the ins and outs of Bitcoin. They were also instrumental in getting Bunker Labs to launch in Research Triangle Park. Back in February they hosted a program called VetStart.Biz. This initial interest grew into a full-fledged relationship with the national Bunker Labs organization.

Be sure to take a look at the profile posted above to learn more about this enterprising group!