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On the 3rd Thursday of each month, there’s a unique event that takes place at The Frontier in Research Triangle Park. Have you heard of RTP 180? If not, it’s a monthly event that should definitely be on your radar. The topics change from month to month and range from agbiotech and open source to film and social entrepreneurship. Unsure if you’re interested in the topic of the month? Have no fear! Speakers at RTP 180 are only given 5 minutes to wow the audience, so all you commitment-phobes have nothing to fear. In addition to fantastic speakers, RTP 180 also features free local beer and food. Really, there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t attend!

Below are videos of our last RTP 180 event that focused on Open Source. We do our best to invite speakers to attend from RTP companies, local universities and the community at-large. Right now we’re in the process of finalizing our topics for 2016, but we’re always looking for suggestions. Stay tuned for a future post that outlines upcoming topics!

Oh, and there are still tickets to October’s RTP 180. The topic is Millennials and the speaker lineup is pretty clutch. Register before it sells out!

 Grant Ingersoll, Apache

 Blake Callens, Pencil Blue

 Jason Hibbets, Red Hat

 Lee Brian, Vit Ultra Nex LLC

 Rikki Endsley,

 Tong Li, IBM

 Jen Wike Huger,