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This past spring our Disrupt event focused on STEM and education across the globe. The event had a great turnout, and all of us here at Research Triangle Park are looking forward to our next event on Wednesday, October 21st. This edition of Disrupt will center around two women that are working to create change in Africa through the study of professional mentoring programs and virtual training for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Geetha Tharmaratnam and Emma Miloyo are Eisenhower Fellows that are currently visiting the United States to learn about best practices across social outreach programs. At Disrupt, both will speak on what they’ve learned thus far into their fellowship, and how they plan to enact change that will enhance the financial state of people throughout African, especially women. The format of Disrupt allows each presenter to discuss their topic of study for about 20 minutes, with a fun social of complementary food and beverage following. Often times, these events are filled with some of the smartest folks around given the partnership with the Eisenhower Fellows.

For all of us here at RTP, this is an especially fun time to be hosting Disrupt at The Frontier. It was just announced that our COO, Mason Ailstock, was named a 2016 Eisenhower Fellow! He will be traveling to Saudi Arabia and Sweden to explore convergence at research parks in those countries. Perhaps we can convince him to become one of our speakers in 2016!

Until then, be sure to come by on October 21st and enjoy some brain expanding talks and conversation. We hope to see you there!

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