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There’s an Airstream trailer that sits outside of The Frontier each day. It’s not a food truck, but rather an office to one startup that desired to be mobile. A true example of an agile workspace, the brains behind the company, called Noteables, wanted a space they could pick up and move anywhere – or, at least anywhere with wifi.

Noteables launched in May at Collision Conference in Las Vegas. The online platform allows users to create a sort of online scrapbook of memories. In today’s digital age, people are constantly snapping photos and videos. Through the Noteables app or desktop platform, users have the ability to collect all of those media pieces together in one place. There’s also a feature that allows users to collaborate on memories. As an example, say you and your significant other took a fabulous trip to New Orleans. Both of you would be able to co-author memories from the vacation that would show up on a shared page.

The company also has an air of fun that surrounds it. Between the Airstream and the company’s spokesanimal, JJ Moose, Noteables is a startup with a unique vibe that registers in person and online. Even the FAQ section of the site is a fun twist on the often mundane. The founders also can regularly be fnound playing vintage Super Nintendo games in their office. In fact, if you ever find yourself at The Frontier, they welcome visitors to stop by and join in on a game of NBA Jam.