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The third floor of The Frontier is leased up with tenants, so our team decided to embark on a project that would help show them off. Throughout the next few months be on the lookout for more Pioneer Profiles highlighting the myriad of businesses located in the space. The companies are varied, but they’re each bonded by the fact that they took a chance on locating their business in a new, up and coming location.

919 Magazine was first introduced to The Frontier while writing a story on the Research Triangle Park. The Triangle-based magazine had the chance to interview a number of RTP staff right after the space opened in January. It’s pretty safe to say that they liked what they saw, because the business moved into multiple offices on the third floor soon after.

More than just a magazine, the publication really strives to be a resource for people across the Triangle. Whether it’s a family that just moved to the area, or a longtime resident, 919 Magazine aims to share stories that would provide value to both groups. They also actively work to promote small businesses and members of the community that are working to make a different across the region. That’s something we can get behind.

Be on the lookout for their next issue around The Frontier!