Sep 28 2023


11:30 am - 1:00 pm


700 Park Offices Drive, Suite 007, RTP, NC 27709





The Power of Art with Linda Bailey

The Power of Art is astonishing. It has the ability to inspire, evoke emotions and create a sense of healing and comfort. Art can bring people together, break down cultural barriers, and help us to connect with our inner selves and with the world around us.

Join us on September 28th for a thought-provoking conversation over lunch with artist, Linda Bailey. Then, in the spirit of RTP’s culture of community, Linda will be facilitating a collaborative art project with all attendees entitled “Hold On Tight To Your Dreams”. The resulting finished art will reflect the collective energy, dreams, and aspirations of the participants, encouraging them to embrace those dreams and hold steadfastly to their visions. To close, Linda will guide attendees on a quick tour of her works that are displayed in the Frontier 700 lobby.

This event is for artists and art admirers, but also newbies! No art experience is required. The project and discussion will give attendees a chance to connect with themselves and experience how different emotions, personalities and experiences can be expressed through art.

About the Collaborative Art Project

“Hold On Tight To Your Dreams” will be a captivating artwork that combines repurposed shapes from used palettes to create a mosaic-like design. Different sizes of shapes will be meticulously arranged on a wooden panel to form a visually appealing representation of the sky, earth, and a beautiful kite. This artwork will showcase the symbolism of the kite which evokes a sense of hope, freedom, and the pursuit of dreams. With its vibrant colors and collaborative effort, this piece will invite viewers to reflect on their own aspirations.

About the Artist

Linda Bailey is an internationally selling abstract artist who has worked the last several years discovering and growing her own artistic talent and fulfilling her purpose of creating art. Stepping away from a corporate job, she made the courageous decision to pursue her own dreams rather than working on someone else’s. Linda has honed her skills and found her niche in the art world through the development of new painting techniques and a relentless exploration of color mixes, paint mediums and textures. In her artistic journey, Linda finds inspiration in her faith and seeks to glorify God through her paintings. Her art is centered around themes of faith, hope, love, goodness, power, belonging, redemption, light, and strength. Encouraging scriptures, beautiful song lyrics, and the wonders of nature serve as catalysts for her creative process, evoking emotions that she translates onto the painted canvas. Linda’s artworks are characterized by their vibrant colors and the inclusion of light to brighten and instill a positive atmosphere wherever they are displayed. Linda has donated several pieces of art to organizations for their fundraising efforts. Here are a few: Hope Renovations, NC Diaper Bank, Freedom Global, Children’s Home in Oxford NC, Paint It Green reforestation.

You can learn more about Linda and the other artists featured on the Frontier Campus here.

Note: We understand that participants may have varying abilities, so please reach out to us at if any accommodations need to be made to better your experience at this event.


700 Park Offices Drive, Suite 007, RTP, NC 27709