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April 1, we invited Ben Oliver and Justin Plant of Storyboard Media to educate us on effective video making for your business. Video content is picking up in popularity and for all the right reasons!  Not only does it boost engagement and sales, it can also make a real impact on the customers and viewers. Similar to commercials, strong video content can tap into people’s emotions. An impactful and purposeful video makes it memorable, and it certainly helps to have digital platforms that make these videos shareable! 

Video is no longer a novelty, but a necessity. Here are the key takeaways that will help you practice video making successfully!

  1. Effective video educates us on viewers’ behavior, which can be applied on future marketing materials. Based on the data you track, you could learn things like what attracts customers’ attention or the reasons that prompt them to share your video.
  2. Like any business plan, effective video requires specific strategy. It needs a clearly defined objective, audience, and call to action.
  3. Video must be integrated with marketing, sales, customer success technology, and more. It can complement and amplify the company’s brand and goals if done successfully.
  4. Video is an investment, not an expense. As it is the most engaging and measurable content out there and substantial effort should go into the planning, strategizing and creating of video content to bring great ROI.
  5. Be sure to do your research and see which platforms, like Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard or Brightcove, work best for your business.
  6. To optimize distribution, the rules for video marketing go hand in hand with digital marketing. That means applying the rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and using the most effective titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails.

Thank you Ben and Justin for sharing your knowledge with us! Our next workshop is On The Menu: How to Grow Your Business with Podcasting on May 16. If you’d like to attend our upcoming On The Menu workshops or see what else is going on in RTP, check out our events page!

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