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RTP 180 Agile SpeakersOn Aug 16, we invited five professionals to The Frontier to talk about Agile:

  • Charles Rodriguez of Cengage Learning kicked off the night with a story about how agile was incorporated into his content team. He likened agile to a house: an often unseen, yet vital component to its structural success. At Cengage, agile is the foundation of the company’s processes. Watch Charles’ talk here
  • Mike Heydlauf of Siemens Healthineers spoke on how agile can be used in healthcare. He described the use of cross-functional teams including strategy, marketing, service and R&D. He also discussed the idea of failure, and explained that although many projects will fail, when failing through agile, it minimizes cost while maximizes learning. Watch Mike’s talk here.
  • Janelle Gardner of Cisco Systems shared how agile can be used to transform work space culture to drive employee productivity and engagement. She presented a case study in which her team used agile methodology to design a floor plan for on one of Cisco’s engineering groups. The result? Increased productivity and collaboration. Watch Janelle’s talk here.  
  • Johnny Hackett, Jr. of Unity Digital Agency shared that after working with companies of all sizes, in his experience, small start-ups have no choice but to be agile. He talked about how continuously communicating with the web developers on his team enables him to deliver to his clients and keep them happy. Watch Johnny’s talk here
  • Arjay Hinek of Red Hat discussed agile values as a cultural shift. He touched on three things to remember: agile values and principles are ideas; agile is not an a la carte process, you must commit to it fully; and culture means common ground. Also, he expressed how you can’t just say you’re agile—you have to actively apply the principles. Watch Arjay’s talk here.

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