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We launched Coworker of the Month in November 2017 to give back to our community and recognize their hard work. The selected Coworker of the Month will receive a dedicated work space, a prized parking spot for the whole month, and a Frontier goodie bag.

To nominate a Coworker of the Month, fill out this form and let us know why they deserve the title!

Our Coworker for the Month of August is: Paul Mosca

Meet Paul Mosca, our August 2018 coworker of the month. He has been frequenting The Frontier for two years and we’ve been happy to have him! If you’re passing through Home Base at The Frontier, be sure to say hello to him at his honorary desk.

Paul is the co-founder of Protagonist Lab and is working with his team to create Motee, an online learning community platform for college students. The purpose behind this platform is to give students a space to support and encourage one another while connecting with peer tutors and enhancing the opportunity for collaboration. 

We asked him a few questions: 

If you could choose an age to remain forever, which age would you choose?
35, Batman is at his peak.

If you had 3 extra hours in a day, what would you do more of?

What is your favorite cereal?
Steel cut oats with pure maple syrup. Dressed with a dollop of crème fraîche and cinnamon.