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The Frontier opened 3 years ago today as an experiment: could we bridge the gap between the large research and development firms RTP is known for, and the startups that shaping its future? 

Thanks to the more than 300,000 visitors we’ve had since January 15, 2015, we now know the answer is yes.

Photo by Ryan Timms.

Of course, we had to celebrate last week in true third birthday style, complete with a doughnut wall for breakfast, a pizza party lunch, delicious cake, colorful streamers and balloons, and a huge bounce house in the Atrium. We ended the day with a special Thursday Happy Hour, complete with champagne.


The number 3 is symbolic for many cultures. For Pythagoreans, it was the first “true” number. In many religions, it signifies birth, life and death. There are three primary colors, three leaves on a clover, and you get three wishes from a genie.

Photo by Ryan Timms.

For the Research Triangle Park, the number holds extra meaning: from the three universities that define the Triangle to the three core pillars of our mission, we know it as a symbol of strength, innovation and collaboration. Thanks to everyone who made the first three years at The Frontier a success; we look forward to seeing what you accomplish here in the next three and beyond!

If you want to get involved, you can attend an event, like RTP180 or our weekly Happy Hour, stop by to enjoy the next daily food truck, or just drop in for some free wifi and collaboration. 

Want to see what we were up to at our birthday party? Check out #FrontierTurns3 on Twitter and Instagram!