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New Year, new Coworker of the Month! We started this year off right by highlighting another one of our fabulous coworkers. To earn this honor we ask that you are active in our coworking community and respect the space. In return, we gift one special coworker every month with a designated workspace and prized reserved parking spot. Know someone who deserves the honor? Nominate them here!

Our Coworker for the Month of December is: TERRY REKEWEG

Terry has been coming to The Frontier for the past couple of months. I know you have seen him because he brings a full-sized tower and computer monitor every. Single. Day. He is committed to his work, one of the first people in the building and one of the last to leave!

Check out our Q&A to learn more about Terry:

How did you find The Frontier and how long have you been coming here?

I learned about the space from a friend of mine and I have been coming regularly for the past 5 months.

Tell me a little bit about your business.

I work on architectural design, and my passion is to design a more efficient wind turbine. I also build websites around my passion for biking. My website ( took about three years to build. It’s not only that the trail itself is 900 miles long—it requires hundreds of miles to be driven to find optimal biking paths. I did the whole trail in 14 days.

What do you want to see at The Frontier next?

I’d like to see different office hours that allows for coworkers to miss heavy traffic—either open a little later or close a little later.

If you could know the answer to any question (besides “What is the meaning of life?”) what would it be?

How was the Earth formed?