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Hello everyone, this is Chris of, and The Frontier’s cartoonist in residence.

This September’s RTP180 topic is Women in Business. Last week I posted the first set of cartoons based on interviews with female entrepreneurs in and around the triangle. Today’s post is set number two. I just asked one question, “based on your experiences, what advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs?”

This is very much an open series, so if you are a woman in business with advice for other women in business, please leave a comment. Or just find me sitting in the main space at The Frontier. Maybe you will inspire a cartoon for next week’s post.

Kathryn James, Program Director at Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network North Carolina

1) Be clear who you are and don’t diminish your skills; focus on your offering and getting stuff done!
2) Get over being the strong individual that doesn’t need help  don’t be afraid to seek the best possible world class advisors; ask for help at the end of every conversation you have (related to their network or capabilities) being as specific as possible.
3) There is always double the work that takes triple the time and costs far more than expected, so plan for it!

Krissa Johnson-Sotomayor, Co-Founder & Director, Sotomayor IP Consulting

Don’t take no for an answer! Don’t take things personally. Don’t become overly emotional unless it is your passion driving your business. Stand tall, lower your voice and strengthen your handshake, so that you will be taken seriously.

Emily Maginn, Entrepreneur

The right ideas find you. My idea came to me over years.

Creators keep creating because not everything will succeed. I’ve received advice from others that you need to create outside of your company. Or you need to keep lots of plates spinning until you see which takes off.

Nothing is wasted, all things work for good.

Maari Casey, Founder Uncompany

Make sure you get a good grasp of your legit operating expenses before you start. Not what you need to survive on, but what you need to live on. Give yourself some runway to fail, learn and grow without having to live off of Ramen noodles.


One thing you learn sitting in The Frontier’s HomeBase, is that not everyone is ready to give advice. The beginning of any entrepreneur’s story can be filled with as many lows as highs.  With that in mind, I have found a few women entrepreneurs who don’t believe they are at a point to give advice.  

So I wanted at least one cartoon to represent their thoughts.

Your Turn

Are you a woman in business? Do you have any advice for your fellow businesswomen based on your own personal experiences?

Let us know in the comments and maybe you’ll inspire a cartoon for next week’s post.

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