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I recently attended my first 1 Million Cups RTP event. If you are not aware, 1 Million Cups is a weekly presentation for local entrepreneurs to present their startups to a network of founders located in Research Triangle Park. This event reminded me of the TV show, Shark Tank. Admit it, we have all watched it. The 1 Million Cups event is not as intimidating as Shark Tank by any means, but they still share a similar format. Oh, and did I mention, there is free coffee?

Last week, Dan and Judi presented their startup called, Twistek . Twistek’s product is a cell phone case that acts as a mount for hands free use. Twistek has a target audience of outdoor enthusiast primarily consisting of backpackers. Dan and Judi also have a special place in their hearts for the disabled which they thought would be a great audience for the Twistek case as well.

I am sure you are familiar with LifeProof cases – this case has the same concept in the sense of durability. What sets this case apart, is that it allows you to clip it to a book bag or strap. You can then mount the phone on you while you are outdoors. This allows you to enjoy your adventures instead of worrying about dropping your phone. Currently, Dan and Judi are making revisions to the case and changing the flexibility of the base. They are also still building their team.

After Dan and Judi presented their project, the floor opened up for questions and advice from the audience filled with founders in RTP.  This is a great networking event where you can either listen and offer advice to new startups around the area or, as an entrepreneur, present your product to an audience of successful founders in RTP. I had a wonderful time being able to attend this event and listen to Dan and Judi’s story. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who makes this possible each week and a huge thank you to our volunteers, attendees, and Dan and Judi.  

Want to attend? This Wednesday we have Kade & Vos presenting. Kade & Vos are working to design quality clothing, made of natural fibers, at equal prices, sizes XS-6X, designed for curvy American woman, with clear sizing and realistic models of all shapes, sizes, colors and shades. 

Are you an entrepreneur and want to have this opportunity? Head to the website and apply!

Missed the event? Catch the stream here.