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Couldn’t make the 2017 Full Frame Film Festival? Here’s your chance to see 3 of this year’s documentaries for free!

RTP and Full Frame are partnering to bring 3 short films to The Frontier on July 28th from 12:30-1:15pm

“As part of our free year round Road Show screening series, Full Frame is proud to bring an exclusive lunchtime program of short documentaries to The Frontier,” Full Frame Director Deirde Haj notes. “For over seven years, the Full Frame Road Show, presented by Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc. and American Tobacco Campus, has showcased a carefully curated selection of documentaries to audiences around the Triangle, throughout the year, for free. Full Frame is thrilled to partner with The Frontier—home of innovators and entrepreneurs—to screen the latest works in the exciting field of documentary film that cannot be seen online or in theaters.”

Michael Pittman, RTP’s VP of Marketing, says “When approached by Full Frame, we thought this was an excellent idea. What a great way for RTP employees and co-working folks to spend a Friday–they can grab something from our Friday Food Truck Rodeo, and then see 3 short inspiring films on female innovators–all within an hour.”  

Films include:

116 Cameras

What better way to learn from history than to sit down and converse with it? Filmmaker Davina Pardo follows an incredible subject—Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss, who decided in 1986 to speak out about her experiences to allow others to learn from her past. Now, she participates in an interactive hologram project, preserving her stories and image for conversations with future generations. Surrounded by a twinkling con­­stellation of cameras in what she calls “the cage,” Eva relives difficult stories from the camps while demonstrating her aptitude for healing and rebirth. – KR



In this stylish short, a hand-poke tattoo artist in Brooklyn reflects on her unique style and approach to inking. As she sees it, her work is essentially a “meticulously placed wound,” one that will wear and age with the recipient for many years to come. Eschewing machines for her painstaking process, prick by prick she emblazons signature figures on limbs and torsos—her latest undertaking is a full back. Working with a variety of clients, she describes the gravity involved. These are not mere brief exchanges, but personal expressions by an artist who values her work, accepts the pressure of knowing it will be with her client forever, and relishes the idea that it is walking around on display for the world to see. – ST


All Skate, Everybody Skate

Each day, Miss Doris leaves her house and walks next door to run her post office. As evening falls, she walks upstairs to run her roller-skating rink. Here, she leads games, easily skating among her customers, as she’s been doing for over 50 years. Organized rows of skates line the walls, a record player bellows classic pop hits, and Miss Doris gets on the microphone to lead a round of dance skate elimination. One is immediately at home in this rink tucked into a quaint town on Topsail Island, N.C. As Miss Doris begins sharing personal stories, the images alternate between the magnificent sunsets and storms of the coastal town, and lovingly lit scenes of the rink. Mixing in interviews with Miss Doris’s admirers, filmmaker Nicole Triche creates a beautiful sense of place and character, centered on the timeless thrill of circling the rink on roller skates. -KR 

Full Frame’s Artistic Director, Sadie Tillery, says “Opportunities to see shorts on the big screen with an audience are fewer and farther between, and so it’s particularly rewarding to revisit these works at RTP. These female-directed titles also feature remarkable, passionate female figures, who are leaving indelible impressions on the worlds around them.”

Free tickets will be available to this July 28th event starting Monday July 24th at 9am. Eventbrite URL will go live at that time.