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Over at The Frontier we get a lot of questions about the shiny airstream with picnic tables. Is it a foodtruck? Is it an office? Does someone live there? So, in an effort to help explain the greatness that is The Farmery, we’ve launched a new web series focused on all that happens inside the great, silver bullet parked out back.

The first episode will help you understand the “why” behind The Farmery. In spring 2016, the new concept headed by Ben Greene opened at The Frontier in Research Triangle Park. While it might seem like a food truck that’s operating out of an airstream, upon closer inspection it’s actually much more. The Farmery does serve breakfast, lunch and espresso drinks, but what sets it apart is how much of the food is sourced and grown.

By turning a shipping container into a high tech greenhouse, The Farmery is able to grow much of the food available on their menu. Not only does this cut down on distribution costs, but it means customers are eating items harvested earlier in the day – not last week. From herbs to lettuce, the concept is reinventing the popular farm-to-table dining movement. 

Be sure to stay tuned for our next episode. You won’t want to watch hungry!