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If you’ve seen a super cute brindled dog at The Frontier, then you’ve seen the minds behind Triangle Ultimate. Tristan Green, his pooch Sophie, and Leslie Willis run the organization, and can often be found having meetings or getting work done around Home Base. While they also have an office upstairs, they enjoy the various workstations provided on the first floor.

Their organization, Triangle Ultimate, was started to help “to increase the quality and quantity of ultimate programs for all ages and skill levels, with a special emphasis on youth development.” To achieve this, Triangle Ultimate hosts leagues throughout the year for youths and adults interested in playing competitive ultimate Frisbee. They also have men and women’s teams at RTP’s founding universities: Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State.  

As a member of The Frontier community, Triangle Ultimate actively seeks out ways to collaborate with others in the space, and regularly attends community events. Coming up, they’ll be collaborating with the YMCA to host a training at The Frontier focused around child abuse prevention. They can also be regularly found at Happy Hour! Life’s all about balance, right?

If you’re interested in learning how to get involved in a league, visit their website.

For learn more about The Frontier, check out this video.