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In this episode of the Squatlight, we’ll here from a group of newcomers. While they haven’t been using HomeBase for very long, ServiceOpt has been quick to pick up many of the social cues that come with working in the space. As you’ll see, the wifi and work stations aren’t the only free things that you’ll find at The Frontier. So, take a break from that cat video and see what we mean.

Name: Peter Benoit, Brooks Stephenson, Josh Flood, Hannah Flood

Company: ServiceOpt

  1. How long have you been using the space at The Frontier?
    Just a week. I’ve been here for food trucks and happy hour.
  2. Why did you start coming to The Frontier?
    Started full time on my startup this week. I’m using the free space while I evaluate office space.
  3. What does your company do?
    Help restaurants hire and manage service professionals and empower servers to improve their craft everyday.
  4. What’s the most interesting or funny experience you’ve had at The Frontier?  
    No one event stands out. What makes the Frontier so great is all of the events. I’m a regular at A Million Cups, Happy Hour, and the food truck rodeo.