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In this edition of the Squatlight, we’ll get to know some OG tenants of The Frontier a little better. The guys of Storyboard Media have been big fans of The Frontier since it opened, and have since grown their team and become one of RTP’s storytelling partners. (They’re the ones behind the entire Squatlight series.) Check out their Q&A below! 

Your Name(s): Ben Oliver & Justin Plant

1. How long have you been using the space at The Frontier?
            We’ve been at the Frontier since the opening in January.

2. Why did you start coming to The Frontier?
            We were working out of Ben’s second bedroom, and a local coffee house. We needed a change of scenery and started coming to the Frontier. Eventually, instead of being a third location to work from, it became our primary location and we haven’t looked back.

3. What does your company do?
            We make corporate videos that don’t suck.

4. What’s the most interesting or funny experience you’ve had at The Frontier?
            The most interesting experience was finding Mr. Gough in the wall behind Amanda’s office.