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Bunker Labs Selects RTP’s The Frontier as Newest Location

The key ingredient for helping veteran run start-ups is creating strong communities of support. Bunker Labs RDU will make its home at The Frontier in Research Triangle Park, an ideal location to build vital entrepreneurial networks. Strategically placed in the heart of the Triangle, The Frontier is home to a wide range of companies, entrepreneurs, and community events focused on the arts, tech and networking. With a mission to enrich education, create jobs and lift the people of the state, Research Triangle Park is a natural fit for Bunker Labs RDU.

With the support of RTP leaders, Bunker Labs Raleigh-Durham will transform the research park into the center for veteran entrepreneurship — a role that North Carolina is well suited for. More than 769,000 veterans live in North Carolina, representing 9.8% of the state’s total population. There are over 87,000 veteran-owned firms in North Carolina generating over $54.9B in receipts, which makes the state the 8th largest veteran-owned business economy in the nation. Additionally, Raleigh and Durham are ranked as two of the top communities for veterans and the region benefits from a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere.

With the launch of Bunker Labs RDU, The Frontier will add a new element to its already developed environment of entrepreneurial support. Currently the Army Research Laboratories and Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network a call The Frontier home. In addition to working with organizations at The Frontier, Bunker Labs RDU will collaborate with other groups across the region such as Groundwork Labs at The American Underground, HQ Raleigh, and the 16 institutions that makeup the University of North Carolina system. The Triangle and North Carolina are home to many first class resources, and Bunker Labs RDU will work to help its participants benefit from them.

On a national level, Bunker Labs has been fortunate to partner with organizations like Wintrust Financial, Freeborn, DLA Piper, Comcast, Deloitte, the Robert McCormick Foundation and the Bob Woodruff Foundation. In order to continue to build strong local and statewide veteran entrepreneur communities, Bunker Labs RDU will rely on local support from both public and private partnerships. Bunker Labs leadership team seeks to create strategic value for our sponsorship partners based on corporate priorities, programs and investment.

To learn more about Bunker Labs RDU and how you can support our programs, we invite you to attend our launch event at The Frontier on the December 8th.  At the event you will have the opportunity to hear more about the program from Todd Connor, Bunker Labs Founder & CEO; Bob Geolas, President & CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation and Dean Bundschu, Executive Director of Bunker Labs RDU.

Thank you for your support! Together let’s launch the next generation of veteran entrepreneurs!


About Bunker Labs
Bunker Labs RDU is the newest chapter of Bunker Labs, a national network of veteran business incubators, headquartered in Chicago. Bunker Labs RDU is a 501(c)3 non-profit, that equips high-performing military veterans for success in their entrepreneurial ventures. The Bunker’s unique entrepreneurship curriculum, highly qualified subject matter experts serve as instructors, mentors, advisors, investors and advocates.

About The Frontier

Located in heart of RTP’s Park Center development, The Frontier is an open collaboration destination that can be used by anyone in the community for a variety of reasons. It’s connected to lightning fast internet, has free Counter Culture coffee for all visitors and plays host to weekly events sponsored by The Research Triangle Park. There’s never any shortage of activity, and we want the community to use the space as if it were their very own. Find out more at

About The Research Triangle Park

The Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina serves the Research Triangle Park, a bellwether institution that was once referred to by Governor Luther Hodges as the “heart and hope of North Carolina.” Situated centrally among Duke University, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, RTP contains 7,000 acres, 40,000+ employees, and over 200 companies, including Avaya, Cisco, Credit Suisse, IBM, NetApp, RTI International and Syngenta. RTP is also home to The Lab, an affordable incubation space for entrepreneurs and startups.