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With the leased space at The Frontier almost entirely spoken for, our team decided it was high time to start celebrating the companies that are making us a success! Be on the lookout for more Pioneer Profiles over the coming months. The companies are varied, but they’re bonded by the fact that they took a chance on locating their business in a new, up and coming space.

Beth Yerxa, the Executive Director of Triangle ArtWorks, has been involved with the Triangle arts community for years. Throughout her time on various committees and boards, she started noticing a trend with many of the artists and performers she was interacting with: many were not approaching their craft from a business standpoint. So, she created ArtWorks in 2010 to help creatives harness their skills in a way that was beneficial to them and the local economy as a whole.

Here are 5 things to know about Beth and Triangle ArtWorks:

  1. The nonprofit organization was one of the first tenants to sign on to being housed in The Frontier. Beth’s office on the third floor was ready long before most of the building construction was done. She’s truly seen it from start to finish.
  2. Prior to starting Art Works, Beth worked as an attorney. Her experience in the legal field gives her a great point of view for the community she now works with.
  3. Their website, is chock full of helpful information for new and experienced artists. There’s an Arts Directory, huge list of area resources and a rundown of area opportunities.
  4. Triangle ArtWorks has become a great contributor to the community at The Frontier. Many of their programs are held at the space, and RTF Staff is currently working with the group on ways to include more art into The Frontier.
  5. You can follow them on Twitter for constant updates over at @TriArtWorksAll the information about jobs and events are posted there first!